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Haeska is one of some countries world’s leading companies of heaters, and spa products.
Haeska has a comprehensive product offering that strives to meet the needs of the heaters, spa product for industry professionals and consumers alike.
The Company’s product offering covers all heater types:              
Heater industry, boiler industry, heaters spa, sauna stove, infrered sauna,  steam generator dan pool heater.
The Company has built a comprehensive and competitive product offering around these heaters
 types to allow customers to locate all products and supplies from heaters and components to
full needs solutions. Haeska products are distributed globally through a network of dealers.
Haeska has steadily increased its revenue, organically as well as supported by acquisitions.


We create worldwide future-proof power and signal distribution with intelligent connection technology and innovative electronics – easy, quick and safe.

We inspire our customers through innovation, quality and speed. Tailor made solutions and excellent service allow our customers to focus on heater  their core business. With global presence, we are close to our customers. Our financially responsible actions create security, continuity and opportunities for our customers and
other business partners.

Kami siap melayani pabrikasi/buat Furnace & Oven,

Heating Element :

bermacam macam bentuk, model dan ukuran.

Immersion heater, Cast in heater, Tubular heater, Catridge heater, Band heater, Nozzle heater, Plat/Strip heater, Infrafara heater(black +white body), Silica quartz heater, Bobin heater, Ceramic heater, bobin mantel heater, Coil heater, Silicone rubber heater, IBC jacket heater, jacket drum heater.

● Couple sensor
● Temp controller
● Electric Fan Heater
● Sauna stove
● Steam Generator
● Duct heater, HVAC
● Panel control dll

Since 1990, we have been pioneering new developments in heater technology and providing total heating solutions.
Haeska is one of some countries world  leading heater industri dan heater spa company.
Heater manufacturer has grown into an internationally known brand, whose technologically advanced products are imported to more one of some countries.
Heaters are our only business, we are the original and only Haeska Heater Company. Haeska is the hearing line preferred by the various industry. We offer a full line of stock and custom heaters, spa heater, controls & accessories for industrial equipment manufacturers and end users. Our applications engineers are always available to help with your heating needs.

our culture have a strong commitment to the nature that surrounds us.
We continually challenge industry standards in sustainability and performance and we succeed
in delivering products of the highest quality, while being mindful of what materials we use and the foot
print it leaves.

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